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 App - Uniquatch

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PostSubject: App - Uniquatch   Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:10 pm

Name: Brandon W.
Age: 22
Location: Cleveland, OH
GT: Uniquatch
K/D Ratio(Doesn't matter): uhh 1.24 I believe.
Why are you interested in joining eVo: Sick of pub people. This game is dependent of communication and tactics.
Are you willing to be active on forums: Indeed
What is your favorite game type: Rush or Conquest. Although getting spawn killed in conquest gets annoying fast
How often do you play: Nightly, if not every night, every other.
Favorite Weapon: AUG or M416.

I used to play mw2 every night so if you guys needed someone to step in for a tourny or practice or w/e, I can easily do it. 1.81 k/d, 2.25 win ration. But bfbc2 is too awesome to go back to duty.
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App - Uniquatch
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